We’ve built & deployed scalable enterprise-grade applications on public & private clouds.  And we did it while maximizing the business value through a combination of on-demand provisioning & edge processing. 

We build solutions that work. Our team chases after your business value. Our goals & metrics are set up with your operations in mind. We don’t stop until it works for you.


We understand your data. Starting with a full investigative report around your data & data requirements, we make sure you have everything necessary to get started.


Equipped with a full understanding of your data and future data sourcing pipelines, the team captures the requirements of the project. This step helps us solidify the business value and ensure that the business hits its Return On Investment (RoI).


Once the requirements are captured and a clear scope has been established, our A.I. Experts formulate a Cutting Edge solution using the latest available technology to ensure that the business value is protected. Regular goals are set up to measure scalability, edge capability, modularity, and data integrity.


The heat of the battle is in the A.I. Model Development. Modern A.I. frameworks have come a long way and offer good understanding & context with respect to results. Our teams are trained on the right procedures and diligently carry out the iterations required to perfect your A.I. Solution.

Our Process


Preliminary Investigation
Data Report
Requirements Gathering
Scope Of Work


Data Preparation
Data Annotation
Model Training / Retraining
Optimization Workflow
Accuracy Testing & Validation


Staging Deployment
U/X Testing
Real-Life Accuracy Report
Production Deployment
Server/Health Monitoring

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