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As a world-class design and development team at your service, we understand that one size does not fit all. So we customize our services to suit the needs of each project, client or industry from large enterprises to startups.


At KayaDev AI, we take pride in designing and developing AI-enabled products & solutions. Our team of experts can handle everything for you from Ideation to Deployment & Maintenance! Whether it’s adding a little bit or custom building an entire application – you’ll find that our expertise will bring your ideas into reality faster than ever before!

Our team of experts is committed to getting the most out of your AI investments. We offer a wide variety of services that can help you get started with artificial intelligence, or optimize and implement it in your organization: from consulting on how best to use this technology at work, enterprise application development for large-scale implementations, rapid prototyping so developers won’t have to spend months trying new ideas before seeing results – we’ve got something for everyone!


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What we do

App & A.I. Development

Work Process

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Full Stack Developer

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  • Progressive Web App Development Can develop scalable, functional, & data driven applications using full stack technologies such as MERN.
  • Frontend Customization Our full stack developers are trained in best frontend practices and have experience building beautiful, scalable applications.
  • API & Backend Development Our full stack developers are trained in the right API approaches, whether in REST or GraphQL. They're also experienced in building various backend processes and chron jobs!
  • Deployment & Maintainance Our full stack developers are capable of deploying mobile applications to leading cloud service providers such as AWS or Google Cloud Platform. We also have inhouse experts available for private/enterprise deployment.
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AI Engineer

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  • Python / API Service Development Our AI engineers can develop scalable, functional, & data driven applications using full python frameworks to optimally utilize the best AI technologies.
  • AI Model Integration Our AI engineers are experienced in identifiying the best pretrained models, from public & private repositories, to best suit your need. They're trained to rapidly integrate and deploy AI models so that you're operational asap!
  • Model Training Our AI engineers have trained more than 50 custom models to date, ranging from autopilot drone models to facial recognition models. Whatever your usecase is, we have the perfect team to deliver your AI solution.
  • Deployment & Maintainance Our AI engineers are capable of deploying AI models & services to leading cloud service providers such as AWS or Google Cloud Platform. We also have inhouse experts available for private/enterprise deployment.
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How we work

Product & App Development

Our 360° project teams are composed of Software Architects, Project Manager, UI/UX Designers, App Developers, Data Engineers, AI Engineers, & Testers.  We can help you develop your application from scratch, all the way from ideation and design to development and deployment.

Outsourced AI Development

We consult and ideate on your business requirements to find & integrate existing AI solutions directly into your required application. We've built AI technologies for enterprise apps, inhouse applications, consumer applications, CRMs, & ERPs. We handle custom AI module development that enables businesses to catapult their abilities while continuing to do what they do best.

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