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So We Did A Redesign…

KayaDev AI has stuck with our good ol’ website since January of 2019. And with 2021 around the corner, we took the opportunity to redesign and rebrand ourselves. The past year has been a transformative, definition breaking year for not just KayaDev but for the world as a whole. We’ve lived through a chapter of human history and we’re here to cheer for what 2021 can be.

Website Redesign

Other than the obvious redesign of the landing page, our new rebranding comes with the release of our two new products: KayaScreener & iCounter. Head on over to our homepage to learn more about them and about how they can help boost your business through the pandemic and beyond. Our AI Lab services are also about to get a revamp, stay tuned for more information on that front soon

Old Homepage vs Redesign



As you can see in the comparison, we went with a use-case centric banner and a revamp with how our information flows. Other than that, the new design is also way more SEO friendly, comes powered by HubSpot and AWS.



iCounter – A state of the art counting and analytics solution for brick and mortars.

KayaScreener – A fully automated body temperature screener with mask detection and attendance.



Check them out at our homepage.

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