Revolutionize Your Store Analytics

Using our no-hardware* people counter, you can uncover key insights with your existing CCTV & infrastructure. We don’t just count, we empathize.

Revolutionize Your
In-Store Analytics

Using our no-hardware* people counter, you can uncover key insights with your existing CCTV and infrastructure. We don’t just count, we empathize.

Our Vision

Transform business intelligence through A.I. to see, understand and empathize with consumers.

We have an expert team of Developers, Data Scientists, Project Managers, Designers, and DevOps engineers who help us in delivering our mission to companies across different industries. We use cutting-edge artificial intelligence frameworks and computer vision models to enable business to take advantage of shifting paradigms. 

Our people counting and body temperature screening solutions help businesses remain open safely and effectively under the current conditions. Book a free session with an executive to find out more.

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What we do

We're your partners in the A.I. revolution.

Our team is always looking for the next big challenge. Whether it’s exploring a concept and ideating, building a proof of concept, or transforming your process end-to-end – we have you covered.



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Video Analytics


Our products

kayascreener device
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Explore our new modular thermal screening device with a built-in thermal camera, high-res touchscreen, and no-contact QR code attendance. With the Crowd Screening and Attendance modes, we help businesses stay open safely and effectively across many usecases. 

people counting
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Our easy to deploy people counter runs on your existing computer and CCTV system. Our no-hassle installation and affordable prices make iCounter the ideal solution for your brick-n-mortar. Realtime traffic, footfall data, activity heatmaps, and much more! Understand your store like never before. 

Learn AI

We introduce students to the main AI domains introduced in the curriculum as per CBSE which includes: Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Data Science with the help of our customized AI lab Kit.


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